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Normal Cards Can Be Read by AKK Poker Analyzer Too?!
2014-05-12 17:34
From some people who have once dealt with me, I know that many of them tend to use normal playing cards into their cheats at gambles. It is because that they hold such an idea that processed playing cards are easy to show their slips and risky when they are found by others around a poker table. Here, I an happy to tell you a piece of good news. Normal playing cards can also be read by powerful AKK poker analyzer, too!
Yes, it is right! There is no exaggeration! It is possible for people to see through playing cards without any processed marks or barcodes in many different casinos. As long as you have an AKK poker analyzer at your pocket, you can see the points and suits of all poker cards on the poker table without running the risk of being found and caught by other players.
No matter what cards you use and no matter whether it is plastic card or paper card, the powerful AKK poker analyzer can always be available for you. By the way, if you would like customized cards and special poker cheating programs, you can seek professional service from the Asian most famous poker manufacturing company EYE Poker Cheat Center. You will find what you need in its website.
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