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Magic Invisible Ink and Pen for IR Camera Lens and Contact L
2014-05-13 17:16
At present, more and more people are inclined to enjoy DIY items by themselves when they have free time after a stressful work day. We hear that there are some people wearing IR contact lens and contact lenses to see through marked cards of all sorts in many casinos and they often buy the ready-made marked cards for their lenses. As a matter of fact, we can use an invisible ink and pen for IR camera lens and contact lenses to mark playing cards on our own.
This kind of ink and pen are invisible by naked eyes. If you want to see the marks that are made with this hi-tech ink and pen on playing cards, you are required to wear a pair of IR contact lenses or use IR camera lens to scan the marked playing cards. It is very safe and secret for people to use this invisible ink and pen for marking cards in a casino. There is no need for people to worry about being detected or caught cheating at poker games.
What’s more, it can be applied to any kind of playing cards that you can see in your life. Marked playing cards with this invisible ink and pen can be played under any light and in any room. It is so wonderful that you are worth it!
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