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Poker scanning camera is very important to poker analyzer
2014-05-14 17:38
Playing poker games is not just play it, there are many skill you should take care when you playing the poker games, you should be patient, maybe you will get a lucky day, but this also relevant with your character.
If you don’t know how to do with the poker game, we would like to introduce our poker scanner to you and this is a helpful device for a novice.

We are creating custom graphics on your request design, making your work easier.
The IR invisible ink used by the printing machine can mark up to 400 packs of playing cards.
You can mark the playing cards for your own usage, when hosting a children’s party with magic tricks, but also as spectacular gifts for your friends and family.
With this machine you can choose a custom mark which gives you the advantage of recognizing the cards very quickly and guess the cards surprisingly fast, proving impressive magic qualities.
Poker scanner can together use with poker analyzer in gambling as Omaha, show hand, baccarat and so on.

We supply many kinds of poker scanning camera, the camera lens can be installed in the cell phone, cuff button, water bottle, lighter and so on, if you want to custom please contact us.
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