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The rules of crazy pineapple poker game
2014-05-14 17:54

Crazy pineapple poker is a new poker game, it is a little like Texas hold’em, Crazy pineapple poker game was only recently began to rise, and it’s very popular among young people.
If you are interest in crazy pineapple poker game, you must know the rules of playing crazy pineapple poker.

Let’s talk about the rules of crazy pineapple poker:
To play crazy pineapple poker, you basically need to know how to play Texas holdem. The big difference between Texas holdem and crazy pineapple poker is that each player in crazy pineapple poker receives three facedown pocket cards to begin with. All players go through a round of initial betting.

Next, three cards are placed face up on the table to make the community cards. In crazy pineapple poker, these cards are also known as the flop cards. A second round of betting commences. At this point in the game of crazy pineapple poker, players will see a major difference between a traditional Texas holdem games because after the second round of betting, each player must discard one of their pocket cards.

A fourth community card is placed on the table in a face up position. This card is called the turn card. A third round of betting commences. A final card (the fifth community card) is now placed on the table in a face up position. This fifth and final card is known as the river card. A fourth and final round of betting commences.

After final betting, players who are left standing show their remaining two face down pocket cards. The player with the best five card combination using his or her pocket or hole cards and the community cards will win the pot. Players can use any combination and number of cards to make their best hand from both the community cards and the pocket cards that they hold.

If you are familiar with the Texas hold’em poker, you will feel crazy pineapple play is also very simple, they just have obvious difference in the first round, t each player in crazy pineapple poker receives three facedown pocket cards. And the second difference is after second round of betting, game player must give up one of their pocket cards.
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