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How to play Crazy Pineapple Poker game
2014-05-15 14:32
Do you know how to play Crazy Pineapple Poker game? This poker game is similar with the Texas hold’em poker game. But there is also some differences from the Texas hold’em poker game. More information you can know in the following.

1. The flop, as with Texas hold'em, is three community cards and after the betting round, those players who are still in the hand are required to discard one of their three cards. Because of the extra card, many players will have either four-flushes or four-to-a-straight and winning players decide at this point whether to hold that hand or two-pair (or fold).
 2. The turn card (fourth community card) is shown to all players and a new round of betting takes place followed by the final card (the river - and last community card) with the last round of betting.
3. Crazy pineapple produces significantly more straights and flushes than a standard hold'em game. While the game is predominantly played "limit" there are occasionally games that are played pot-limit and no-limit. As one of the "other" poker games around it is a lot of fun, but takes practice, so get a deck of cards and read some hands before you try the game live!

If you have known how to play Texas hold’em poker game, you are off to a great start. Crazy pineapple poker game is usually played limit and starts with a dealer on the button (the last to act) and in front of the button a small blind and a large blind for the next player to the dealer's left. Three cards are dealt to each player and there is a round of betting. Players match at least the large blind or fold.
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