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Power Support Infrared Scanning Camera for Poker Analyzer
2014-05-15 17:14
Some people know that the frequent winner in casinos usually use poker analyzer to help them cheat and win games. In fact, cheating is not that easy. You also need to have a power support infrared scanning camera lens for poker analyzer.
Infrared scanning camera can be divided into two kinds. One is to scan the barcode marked cards and the other is used to read the marks on the back of playing cards. Both of them belong to normal infrared products and it is easy for people to check out.
However, your worry can be thrown away since we have already researched and developed the most advanced infrared products. With this kind of amazing machine, only under our special camera, we can see the marked playing cards. This is also called the one to one products.
If you are interesting in this power support infrared scanning camera for poker analyzer, please don't hesitate to contact us right now. For more information and new poker cheating device, you can visit EYE Poker Cheat Center.
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