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Pin-Hole Camera Lens System for Cheating at Crazy Pineapple
2014-05-19 17:11
Crazy Pineapple poker game is an interesting poker game and become quite popular with a great number of card players in America, Russia and many other countries. If you want to have more chances to win it, you need to have a powerful device that can help you cheat safely in the game. Pinhole camera lens system can help you win a lot of money by cheating at Crazy Pineapple poker game without effort.
Pinhole camera lens system is made of six parts: one spy scanning camera lens, one power charger, one TV or PC monitor, one transmitter, one speaker and one mini earphone. Because of having a TV or PC monitor in pinhole spy camera lens system, those who want to cheat at Crazy Pineapple poker game will get the help from the monitor and can get the desirable result about cards from via a mini-earphone or speaker. But if you play Crazy Pineapple poker game with many people in a casino, you had better use wireless mini earphone instead of the speaker, as it will make you exposed to people’s attention easily.
With the rapid development of science and technology, pinhole cameral lens system has been upgraded and goes through two generations. The first generation pinhole camera lens system was developed 5 years ago with a black filter and the second generation is just developed and comes into market in the recent 5 months with a white filter. If you plan to cheat at Crazy Pineapple poker game, please note that you should use corresponding marked cards to match the different pinhole camera lens system. 

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