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Back Marked Cards for Winning at Crazy Pineapple
2014-05-19 17:14
In America and Russia, people are inclined to play Crazy Pineapple poker game in their spare time. As a matter of fact, Crazy Pineapple poker game is affected and derived from the famous Texas Hold’em. In the way of playing, Crazy Pineapple poker game is quite similar to the Texas Hold’em. We know, good tools in poker game can help people win it safely. For some professional cheaters, back marked cards are a first choice because it can help them win at Crazy Pineapple with a series of advantages.
When you use back marked cards fro cheating, you don’t have to worry about being found and caught cheating at the game. The reason for it is that back marked cards look the same as the normal playing cards and have high concealment. Few people can identify them or detect them easily. Besides, it is harmless to people’ health because it uses the green material to make marks on the back. Therefore, people can play Crazy Pineapple game with back marked cards without safety worries.
In order to see the points and suits of back marked cards clearly and completely, you need to wear a pair of IR contact lenses or UV contact lenses. Of course, if you are fed up with wearing contact lenses, you can also use a spy camera lens to scan the backed marked cards for you and tell you the final result via a wireless mini earphone.
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