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Do you know the marked cards?
2014-05-20 16:42
If you are a poker lover, I believe you will not feel strange about it. However, for poker beginners, they may not have any idea about it or they have even never heard of it before. Therefore, this passage is aimed to tell you something about marked cards to make you have a better understanding of the world-class poker.
Marked cards are marked by a pattern evolved to the invisible infrared ink marked cards, and then developed to sunglasses be able to read the invisible marked, and now, they use of contact lenses to read it. In the future, we will launch a new kind of one-to-one invisible marked cards. All testing equipment is not recognized. I believe that you will buy the marked playing cards, because it is the most advanced and reassuring cards.
Marked playing cards have existed in this active entertainment market for quite a long time. With its long history and the development of technology in this society, not only can be the luminous sunglasses see marked cards now , but also the contact lenses.
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