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Lighter Camera Lens Makes Cards Transparent for You
2014-05-22 11:23
Usually, we know a lighter is just an item that can make fire and it is often used to light cigarettes. As a matter of fact, if we use your brain, we can make the best use of this small but great gadget. We can take advantage of lighter and change it into an amazing lighter camera lens.
This kind of cute lighter camera lens is mainly used in playing cards and winning games. By winning the game, we can get a lot of money and lead he life we dream of or do something that we are eager to do. Because of its shape of an ordinary lighter, it is not easy for people to smell a rat at us. In other words, we are safe to cheat at poker games by using a lighter camera lens.
When we are playing cards with others, the lighter camera lens can scan the edge marked cards or back marked cards on the poker table automatically and then the poker analyzer will send us its analytical result in a very short time. It means that the cards before us are transparent because the cheating device can tell us the poker faces and would-be winners. After knowing who will get the best hand in the round of the game, we can win in our every bet.
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