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Cell phone hidden camera lens is one person operation device
2014-05-23 09:37

When you want to find a device to use in the casino, the first one came out from you mind must be cell phone hidden lens.
There are many hidden camera lens, they are have different scanning distance. When you choose hidden camera lens you should consider the circumstance.
We provide many kinds of hidden lens for customers, long distance or short distance. The lens can be put in anything you need, such as lighter, purse, phone, watch, key chain and other objects.
The lens is used to scan the playing cards, clearly and fast. The playing cards soothsayer reports points automatically about how to beat out the color, and then people will win the game most possibly.
If you want a far distance scanner you can choose mobile phone lens. General the farthest distance of mobile phone lens is 90cm. many company can make this distance, but the effect is very poor, we can provide a high quality and far distance hidden camera lens of 90cm effect distance.
Cell phone hidden camera lens can be used in the casino, private parties, use when you use the cell phone hidden camera you only need to turn on the program. The camera is one person operation device.
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