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Ultra luminous contact lenses different from the ordinary c
2014-05-23 09:44
If you are a beginner at using gamble device, you can start from using the infrared contact lenses.
Infrared contact lenses are a very useful device. Recently, there have been some major new orientation developments in the advancement of poker gamble device in the world

When viewed through filtered sunglasses or contact lenses, luminous marks are easily read as if the cards were face up cards on the table. On the other hand, reading Juice marks will take some practice. Regardless if the marked cards used, no sleight of hand is needed when using marked cards.

The video clip below shows how beginners or professionals can easily read marked cards that other people may be holding with no skill/sleight of hand:
Ultra-Luminous technology is available using contact lenses or designer sunglasses
Ultra-Luminous lenses will never change the natural color of your eyes. In addition, Ultra-Luminous is manufactured in the USA in an optical lab which uses FDA rated equipment (not in Asia).

Ultra luminous contact lenses is the latest product, the difference between ultra luminous contact lenses and ordinary products is the contact lenses can see juice marker card.
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