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Poker scanning camera can smoothly use and seems very fantas
2014-05-23 09:48
Poker scanning camera can smoothly use and seems very fantastic just because there is a scanning software in it. The latest software can accord the size of customer's mobile phone or any other object size to order
The scanning software can use in any site, any light, without restriction, friendly interface, before the default boot to himself or his people get the most points the license, easy to operate, that is, places that will, simply by clicking on Intelligent Light Analyzer0.03 seconds accurate analysis of the size of each card, points made in a timely manner "with" and "not with" the decision to play at the same time automatic identification tips color; (analysis system can be set up to fight a variety of color ways) will be distributed to the maximum point of accuracy himself or his people.
Optional accessories:
1. Hidden-marked pokers
2. Micro lens which hidden in props (like cell phone, cigarette box, ashtray and normal item which can be placed nearly with pokers)
The poker scanning system is most suitable for installation in the mobile phone, we can install different lens according to the customer's mobile phone.
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