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Our automatic hidden camera software is a magic system
2014-05-23 10:02
Automatic hidden camera lens can be installed in many objects, and the scanning distance is also different, from 10-20cm to 80-90cm.
This is our unique equipment .This system is absolutely beyond the peers and other computer software analyzer in market.
A. With automatic error correction function, it will not miss any information, not make up poker, no need to adjust zoom.
B. The accuracy rate is up to 100% even the Poker is crook, loose, bounce.
C. only need 0.3 seconds and then reports the point, suits of all players automatically and exactly.
Our automatic hidden camera software is a magic system that the banker can control the suits and numbers, and others players can decide to deal whether continue playing games or give up. It is smart poker automatic software which can predict the result or wins freely.
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