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Luminous perspective glasses is a high-end products
2014-05-23 10:37
At the beginning, luminous perspective glasses is the used to help airline pilots to see the airport runaway in the foggy weather, was later used on gambling.
The newest perspective glasses is most popular products in the line ,which is easy and clear to see the marked number and suit on the cards.
The luminous perspective glasses should together use with:
1. Perspective poker card
2. Perspective poker Mahjong
there are some tips you should notice:
1. the best suitable situation is under the white light, especially the energy-saving light.
2. Please make sure to wash your hands clearly before wear the perspective glasses in case of infecting your eyes.
3. Before playing the poker games with perspective glasses, the user who is not myopia had better wear the glasses about several hours for adapting.
A luminous perspective glass is the improved version of luminous glasses, if you have use ordinary luminous glasses. And then try to use the perspective glasses, you’ll find luminous perspective glasses is a more high-end products.
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