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Learn how to secretly use marked cards
2014-05-23 16:50
If you want to have more advantages in a game, you need to equip yourselves with the latest poker cheating devices. If you want to be better than other players, you had better know how to make marked cards. Now, learn how to professionally mark a deck of playing cards and fool your friends every time.
Decks can be marked while playing using fingernails or by bending or cramping the cards in a position that the cheat can see across the table. The practice of burning the top card is to prevent a cheat from knowing that the top card and dealing “seconds” to either give a confederate a card that helps his hand or an opponent a card that hurts him.
This kind of card can be marked. So you can mark the cards and you know who is cheating in the casino. It is a chance and you can do what you want to play. Now, you can contact us by e-mail or telephone, we will give you the best service and results which you want.
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