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Casino scammer used contact lenses to read marked cards
2014-05-23 16:53
For as long as there are casinos and gambling establishments, there will be people trying to cheat them. The latest cheater story includes everything you’d expect to see a big-budget Hollywood film – the French Riviera, marked playing cards, infrared contact lenses and shady casino employees.
56-year-old Stefano Apollinaire, code named “Parmesan,” hatched a plan along with two casino employees in 2011. Working together, employees somehow managed to mark cards using invisible ink. Apollinaire then used a pair of infrared contact lenses purchased online to give him an upper hand which led to 70,000 euros in winnings in a single day.
As we have seen with other scams, it’s not all that difficult to figure out how to sway the odds in your favor. The problem, it would seem, is doing so without attracting attention. Often times, a person’s greed takes over and they simply can’t stop with a modest winning.
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