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Graphene infrared contact lens gives You Infrared Vision
2014-05-27 17:22

Infrared contact lenses has been invent for many years, People committed to the development of invisible products at the beginning. When most people think of stealth is impossible. But the efforts of scientists, contact lens was born
 It sounds like something from a spy thriller movie: putting on a contact lens that gives you infrared vision without the need for a bulky contraption that covers your face. But now, thanks to research at the University of Michigan, such a contact lens is a real possibility.

The Michigan researchers turned to the optical capabilities of graphene to create their infrared contact lens. IBM last year demonstrated some of the photoconductivity mechanisms of graphene that make it an attractive infrared detector.
Infrared contact lenses are the same principle as graphene infrared product.
Graphene is capable of detecting the entire infrared spectrum, with visible and ultraviolet light thrown in. But where graphene giveth, it also taketh away. Because graphene is only one-atom thick, it can absorb only 2.3 percent of the light that hits it. This is not enough to generate an electrical signal, and without a signal it can’t operate as an infrared sensor.

This infrared contact lens is one of the best products of luminous product. It is a very useful product that nobody will found it.
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