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Infrared contact lenses is a very grateful products
2014-05-27 17:28

The electron holes that are left behind in the top layer generate an electric field that impacts the way electricity flows through the bottom layer. Infrared contact lens is one of the luminous ink products.

By measuring this change in the flow of current in the bottom layer, the researchers could derive just how much light hit the top layer.

This device has very nearly the same sensitivity as cooled mid-infrared detectors, but achieves it at room temperature. The researchers have already been able to produce infrared sensors the size of a pinky nail, or a standard contact lens.
Most of us are familiar with the military applications of infrared vision, which allows the soldiers to see in the dark. But the technology also has medical applications such as letting doctors monitor blood flow.

Whether the ability to see in the infrared is an attractive feature for the rest of us remains to be seen. But that may become a possibility since the fundamental mechanism underlying the technology could become a mechanism for other material and device platforms. Is infrared vision mode for google glass in the offing?
Infrared product is contribute in many area, infrared contact lenses is a very grateful products, if you want to purchase infrared contact lenses, we also supply the relevant back marked cards, you can buy them together.
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