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Single operation poker soothsayer is a kind of excellent po
2014-05-27 17:58
Single operation poker soothsayer is a kind of high quality poker analyzer, it’s has the same system as the spy system, so you can understand how it works.

Single operation analyzer, it is a kind of common tool of cheating in the casino, the analyzer host, the lens and stealth wireless earplugs, processing poker these four parts, to XieZhuRen in licensing prior to know which brand is the largest. Because of strong practicability, high success rate and attract many cards fans.

The working principle of:
Principle is the edge of poker played invisible to the naked eye of microscopic identification number. After analyzer host built-in programs, to receive radio image signal from the camera, and through the built-in software of image recognition, identify the order of each poker and calculated according to the corresponding winner, the match results via blue tooth to stealth earplugs.

After you know the principle of the single operation soothsayer, you may think it’s complicated to use. In fact, you can easily operate it.

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