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Iphone4 poker analyzer can let you profit in the game
2014-05-29 10:50
Iphone4 poker analyzer is a very distinctive products, it is not only has a more beautiful appearance, but also have a good effect better than other company’s poker analyzer.
Here are the characteristics of the iphone4 poker analyzer:
1 using the current report card fastest iphone phone operating system, report card speed 0.2 seconds, there is no interval, poker requirements are very low.  
2 In the k1 and k2 analyzer single operation based on the advantages of system scalability, superior playability , self-installation program feature upgrades , can easily customize a variety of report card poker games are played.  
3. The latest upgrade scanning system, fast and accurate 100% accurate, for random cards, Alice brand, arch card, hollow cards, and old cards can be quickly identified.
4. The latest design visualization interface, simple to use and beautiful, fast and convenient is king, as long as literacy will use, easy to operate.

5. Long standby time, playing games combat when used more than three hours at least, support SD card memory expansion.
6. Simple changes in the number of fast, convenient and practical, simply press K3 single operation analyzer side of the volume of the “plus or minus “key to quickly and easily increase or decrease the number.
7. Optional voice closed, which can be more than the same combat, 305 grain headphones.
Our iphone4 poker analyzer can let you profit in the game, with iphone4 poker analyzer, you will be the biggest winner
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