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Start New Life from Using Monitor Mahjong
2014-05-30 17:32
Socrates once said that the unexamined life is not worth living for a human being. You may live not very well at the present, but you can try your best and prepare to wait for a good chance to start a new life and lead a perfect life by using monitor mahjong. Of course, you must be a man who loves playing mahjong.
By making a comparison between this monitor mahjong and other normal mahjong, you even can not find any differences at all. As a matter of fact, they are the same with each other in nature, but monitor mahjong is more powerful in the terms of helping people cheat and win at games. Thanks to its similarities with normal mahjong, you can use it to cheat at mahjong games more safely and more secretly. The players at the automatic mahjong table will not throw doubt upon you in the process of your cheating.
To be specific, this set of monitor mahjong consists of a sensor, a transmitter, a CPU board, a pinhole camera lens, a monitor, a PC, a speaker and a pair of mini earphones. When you are playing mahjong, you are advised not to use the speaker to send you information about the mahjong tiles. In the course of playing mahjong, you had better wear wireless mini earphones, as it is more secret and safe for you.
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