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You never miss lighter camera lens
2014-06-05 17:27
There are many kinds of camera lenses in the market, such as cell phone camera lenses, water bottle camera lenses, tea cup camera lenses, lighter camera lenses, and car key camera lenses and so on. These lighter camera lenses will not lose your hope, because it is very safe to use this product.

Lighter camera lens need to be put on the table. In the process of playing poker game, you don’t need to do anything to it. We have set a mini and HD camera lens inside the lighter and it will scan barcode marked cards automatically. Other players will not notice it because they think it is just a normal lighter. If you are playing poker cards in the casino and will become a winner, but the poker cheating product has no power and you don’t know how to do. But our lighter camera lens would not have this problem. We have two batteries so that you could exchange them to support your using.

Lighter camera lens is a short camera lens. The scanning distance is about 30-40cm. if you want to buy a long distance camera lens, our company also sell these products. 
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