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Several kinds of practical poker gamble devices
2014-06-06 14:55

There are many kinds of casino poker cheating device, each has its own advantages. You can choose the most suitable products according to your own circumstances. Do not covet the high-tech, suitable for your own is the most important.
Special micro cameras can instantly 'read' the playing cards or the pieces of Rummikub and than send data to analysis software that mathematically computes your chances of winning.
Contact lenses, custom designed in the laboratory, able to help the person using them to identify cards marked with invisible ink. These lenses are made on demad, in any color (although wearing them will not change the color of your eyes) and have a diameter between 10 mm and 3 mm. The company offers a 5 years guarantee.
Special tables with integrated micro cameras scan the playing cards / the rummikub pieces and send the information to a PC, over a transmitting range of 100 to 5,000 meters. The system comes with a special hearing device that ensures control over the game by collecting feedback on the data received by the PC.
Table games allow you to change a card when playing, without the other players noticing.
Devices that allow switching a card with another (hidden in your sleeve or in a purse, watch, lighter, cup, money and so on).

So many poker cheating devices may make you feel don't know how to choose, we will arrange a special person to provide you with professional guidance. He or she will help you to find the most suitable products, and teach you to how to use the poker analyzer.     
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