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Poker pin hole camera lens
2013-05-10 17:45
      Poker pin hole camera lens, can be fixed on the ceiling, in the light, or smoke sensor, is suit for back marked poker card. The first generation of the pin hole camera lens is inventioned about 4 years ago, the filter is black, and it is not very clear to see all the cards on the table. Then the second generation pin hole camera lens. It is also fixed above the table, its distance from table is 2 to 3meters and the area is 2.5 square meters. Its filter is white. With this filter, you can not see the mark on the first gerneration card.
      More and more people choose the second generation pin hole camera lens as its great quality. HD camera, long working time, low energy... And we can process both on plastic card and paper card, whatever cards you are using, just send them here to process.
      The pin hole camera should be fixed advance so that it is better the casino belongs to yourself. And this needs the background supportor to co-operation with. When the background supportor see the back mark on card, tell the player by speaker. Operating is very easy. This is suit for all poker games in the world.
      For more informatin, please contact with our sale staff, thank you!
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