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How to play poker tournaments
2014-06-06 15:39
Learning how to play poker tournaments won't take more than a few minutes to scratch the surface and make the reader comfortable when they go out to play. Of course learning how to play poker is another thing. If you haven't read-up on poker or had the chance to at least play for fun at some point in the past you can still learn how to play in a tournament, but realistically, your chances of success are tied closely to your overall poker experiences.
If you are the one with the solid pair, two pair, or a set on the flop, make sure you protect your hand by keeping the pot odds high enough to discourage cheap draws. Remember, this isn't a cash game. Aggressive play is mandatory most of the time! And, especially at the beginning of a tournament while players are still getting settled in to the game and structure, play strong from the button and cut-off spots, stealing blind and keeping limpers from getting a cheap look at the flop.
Whether you should risk a big bet now and then re-buy has as much to do with financial situation as the table situation, you'll have to make up your own mind. As the blinds go up and players are knocked out, take a look at the payoff structure and see where you are. If payoffs go to 20 players and there are only 22 players left, you'll really want to be more careful until you get into the money. No sense is chasing a questionable hand at this point! Wait until you're in the money, then get back to what you think is your best strategy. And, with that said, if you have a decent stack of chips at this point you may be able to steal a little right now as other players are also reluctant to get into action while waiting for a few more players to get knocked out.
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