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Three card poker success
2014-06-06 15:42
Three Card Poker is the most successful casino table game added to casinos in the past twenty years. Unlike blackjack, the game does not offer any serious strategy, but players love the game whether they are playing just the ante and play spots or incorporating the pair plus bet into their wagers.
Three Card Poker is played with a standard English deck of 52 cards. No jokers are used. Players place their wagers before the dealer delivers three cards to each player and themselves. Betting limits are listed at each table, but a $5 minimum is standard. There are two modes of play for the game: Ante and Play, and Pair Plus. Many casinos allow you to play either mode or both.
The pair plus bet is independent of the dealer's hand and is played by placing a single wager within the pair plus circle. Regardless of what the dealer has, players receive payouts on the pair plus bet according to the payoff chart. So the three card poker can succeed.
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