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High concealment keychain spy hidden camera
2014-06-06 17:20
Speaking of good concealment device, key chain is also a good choice. Everyone use keychain, the key is personal belongings, even go to the casino, and nobody will against you take keychain.

Super high res keychain spy hidden camera can help you to cheat in the casino or private poker game.
Be ready to scan the result of barcode marked cards, anytime:
What looks like a standard key fob attached to your keychain is actually a covert hidden spy camera, perfect for journalists, private investigators, or amateurs sleuths, but we are happy to say it more suit for poker player to use it in the casino. This tiny spy camera is perfect for on-the-go recording of fast action snapshots or high resolution video. It can scan the barcode marked cards very fast and clearly. You need to protect yourself when you use it in the poker games.

Keychain spy hidden camera will be a perfect device for you to use in the casino. With the help of keychain spy hidden camera, you will know all the suits and numbers of the marked cards.
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