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Poker dealing shoe for baccarat poker game
2014-06-06 17:34
You must have heard that Texas hold’em and baccarat enjoys a good reputation in the world. There are many people like to play this poker game, because many people can be attended into one game, especially fun.

We will introduce the advantage and details of poker dealing shoe for baccarat poker games:
1. Choose earpieces or vibrator to get the results, vibrator can prevent tapping by others.
2. Work with poker analyzer to get results directly, easier and more intelligent.
3. Change and decide who is winner, enhance the chance to win.
4. Nothing needs to be put on the table, will not to arouse curiosity of other people.
One set includes:
1 dealing shoe
1 poker analyzer
1 earphone
2 vibrators
1 remote control

If you want purchase more product such as contact lens with marked cards or poker cheating analyzer, please contact us. Buy them together will get a good discount.
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