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Excellent strap poker scanner
2014-06-10 17:11
Many gamblers know that the good poker cheating devices can help gamblers a lot because they can bring good effect for them when they are playing poker games. And here we want to introduce the strap poker scanner.

This strap poker scanner can scan barcode marked cards without any flaw. Our company has set a small camera lens inside a strap and other poker players are not easy to find them. This product uses normal batteries and has a long time for you to use. You could see a clear image from our poker scanner and it has a fast speed to give out the result. No one will find any flaw and these camera lens hide in side has a good concealment. When you are playing poker cards, it can report poker cards automatically and poker scanner could support it to scan a wide range. The scanning distance is about 30mm-40mm.

Strap poker scanner will not let you lose your poker cheating games. And you can play more kinds of poker cheating game when you use the product. Our EYE Poker Cheating Center will let you know more details. 
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