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Where to buy pin hole camera lens
2013-05-11 17:39
      Pin hole camera lens, always used in spy occasion, is also widely used in poker cheat. In the poker cheating field, pin hole camera is used to see the back marked poker or back marked mahjong with special ink. More and more casino is using the pin hole camera to cheat now.
      It is very useful and where will you get it? Of course from EYE electronic. EYE electronic can offer you all kinds of cheating device on poker, mahjong and domino. And the pin hole camera lens is our best sell device in abroad such as Austria, Russia, Thailand, Canada, Italy, America etc are. We use the UPS, DHL, EMS, ARAMEX ect express to send the goods to you.
      If you want to buy one, you should tell us what kind of filter you choose, black or white. And you should send your own poker here to do the mark on the back.
      For more information about it, please contact with out sell staff by skype or e-mail, thank you! EYE electronic alway offer you the best you want.    
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