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Poker analyzer is more sophisticated than the contact lens
2014-06-10 17:46
There are many poker players, they like to play poker game but never will money, and some people even lose all of his possessions because of gambling. Our poker cheating analyzer is the gospel of these people.

There is a control button and you can put the button into your pocket.
You can set number of players with the player setting panel.
Marks are much more invisible and one can hardly find the hidden marks.
The poker predictor has a Standard English pronunciation
There are over 10 phone brands at your choice at present, all can make phone calls. There are lighter, watch and sleeve camera as well.
It is very easy to operate, 100% correct.
Only 3 minutes learning you can skillfully use it.

The cards you use on this device are marked cards. The marks can never be detected by any inspection (we can mark any kind of cards).

The distance from the scan phone to the cards depends on the difference of cameras.
Distance ranges: 25 cm to90 cm.

Poker predictor is the best poker cheating device, Poker analyzer is more sophisticated than the contact lens.
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