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Our mark card is the best in the poker cards market
2014-06-10 17:53
There are many kinds of marked cards and some of the poker cards are not familiar with normal poker cards, because few people use them.

In addition to a variety of different marking card, you must have a lot of other questions. We list some for your reference.
1. Can other people see the marks on the mark card?
You can choose to wear our special perspective contact lenses, can see the marks, others can't see the marks on the mark card with naked eyes. So the mark card is quite safe and hidden.  
2. Does the mark card poker look like normal playing cards?
Yes, of cause. What all we do to marked cards if make it look the same as normal cards on appearance. Only in this way, you can use the marked cards.
3. How long does the mark stay on the mark card?
The marks on the marked cards will keep 2 years when it’s sealed if the mark card is well stored, when you open to play it, the marks on mark card can keep 1-2 weeks.
Marked cards with contact lenses is one of our best selling. It is no exaggeration to say, our mark card is the best in the poker cards market.
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