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New AKK texas Hold’em scanning analyzer system
2014-06-11 16:38
We often have to make a decision. For a wise gambler, AKK scanning analyzer system is best friend, and it can use in the casino. Now we explain it and you will like it very much.
A. no needs to put the poker in neatness or focus, direction
B. a group with many kinds of program, suitable for all the poker games 
C. single operation, no needs the cooperation of background
D. reporting voice automatically, fast speed
E. small size, easy to carry
F. without the limitation of occasions and distance.
When you are in gambling, you can use the AKK scanning analyzer system, and you will win the game easily. The AKK scanning analyzer system has two language reporting versions: English and Chinese. Of course, you can customize if you speak other languages. It is a good cheater of many different kinds of poker cheaters!
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