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Poker shoe camera lens
2014-06-11 16:49
Poker shoe camera lens is very hot in the market. And this product is very suitable for you to play Baccarat poker game and Texas Hold’em poker game. It is the usual poker cheating device for you to win money from poker cheating games.
Now, we explain poker shoe camera lens features:
  1. Holds up to 4 decks of playing cards.
  2. Constructed of high-quality, heavy duty casino grade material.
  3. Standard casino size for a professional dealing experience.
  4. The dealing slot allows cards to efficiently pass through ensure a professional dealing experience. The wedge is heavy weighted, putting an appropriate amount of pressure on the cards. This shoe is “jam” proof from the heavy weighted wedge.
Poker shoe camera lens is widely used in the casino for poker cheating. We can cheat at all kinds of poker shoes. If you like all of them, let me know, we will give you the best service and results which you want.
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