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Thinnest Smart Phone Scanner Brings the Greatest Gains
2014-06-12 17:00
With the upgrade of science and technology, cell phone is made thinner and thinner. Under this condition, a corresponding thinnest smart phone scanner emerges as time required. It is not only the thinnest poker scanner at the present, but also the greatest gains maker for poker gamblers.
This thinnest smart phone scanner is only used in poker cheat. People install it into a smart mobile phone secretly and make it into a powerful poker cheater skillfully. The poker scanner is a single-lens type. When you are playing poker, it will scan the edge marked cards or back marked cards as long as you press the power button on the cell phone.
It scans all the objects on a poker table and send the data to a poker predictor. Then, the poker predictor will analyze the data and convert them into digital data. In 0.3 second, you will get the information by wearing a speaker or mini earpieces. The whole process is safe and secret. There is no need for you to worry about being found cheating at games, so you can enjoy the game and gains that brought by this fantastic thinnest smart phone scanner.
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