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Cool Poker Player Uses Cuff Button Camera Lens
2014-06-12 17:03
It is a cool thing for a poker player to equip himself with powerful poker devices. Would you like to be a cool poker man with cuff button camera lens? Let’s have a good look of it and see how it exerts its magic power in poker gamble.
Cuff button camera lens, in fact, is a poker scanner. When people are playing cards together in high spirits, you are supposed to press a button to start it and it will work at once. It will scan the marks or barcodes on the edge marked cards or back marked cards automatically and quickly. No matter what the cards are made of paper or plastic, cuff button camera lens will be workable all the time fro those who want to make great fortune in the gamble.
With four mini camera lenses in one, this cuff button camera lens has a whole view over the poker table. You can see the points and suits of all marked cards through the hidden cuff button camera lens. Moreover, you can also know who will be the winner in the game if you combine the cuff button camera lens with a poker soothsayer. What a cool tool it is! As a cool man, it is a must for you to have one of your own.
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