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We use the health material to make into the invisible contac
2014-06-13 17:01
Now more and more people like to wear contact lenses, you wear contact lenses every day; do you know how many kinds material of contact lenses?

What is the best material of invisible contact lenses? And what is the most often use contact lenses? Let me give you a brief of contact lenses.
Now the main contact lens material is divided into the following categories:
1 hydroxyethyl methacrylate.
2 methacrylic acid glyceride
3 methyl methacrylate (hydrated polymer)
4 silicone hydrogel
These are the professional version, we are no need to know them well, and we just know we will use the health material to make into the invisible contact lenses. the material of our contact lenses is the hydrogel contact lenses. It will good for your eyes and if you protect them well, it can use for 2 years.

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