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Smart 3D scanner use in poker cheating analyzer system
2014-06-13 17:11
As the technology developed, there are more and more products have been invented, when there is a talent system, it can be use in many areas, such as the smart 3D scanner.
It will widely used in automobile, precision machinery, footwear, household appliances, heavy industry, light industry and other manufacturing industries, greatly enhance the industry productivity
It also can use in our poker cheating analyzer system.
Smart 3D scanner has many advantages:
1. None-touch scanner way, more stable, wide application, such as complex shape objects, soft materials or mould objects.
2. Very fast speed and high precision
3. Very clear to check every scan details.
4. Easy to learn, only need one day online training is enough.
5. Can scan flat panel, 3D objects, relief, round or cube objects.

If use the smart 3D scanner in our poker cheating analyzer, it will have a very good effect. This may be the most high technology product in the market.
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