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You will be the best player by using the poker cheating anal
2014-06-13 17:16
You must watch the news every day, and may be watch the news about gamble. Some people is famous as the use the cheating methods in the poker games.

Here is the news about a man use the poker cheating analyzer.
Nik tony Nguyen, a high profile personal injury attorney in Austin, has been cheating players 10′s of thousands of dollars out of the underground poker scene in Austin. He partnered with a dealer and used a device called a poker scanner to cheat the game.
The poker cheating analyzer he uses is cooperation with the dealer. And he wins a lot of money.
The poker cheating analyzer he uses is like a cell phone, an earpiece which is hidden under big earphones which poker players commonly use, and a normal looking deck of cards that the dealer used that has UPC codes micro printed on all for sides of the deck.

Once the deck was shuffled the device would let him know which seat at the table had the best and second best hands.             
This is just an example of using the poker cheating analyzer and you will be the best player when you use the poker cheating analyzer.
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