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Factors of how to select good contact lenses
2014-06-18 17:53
Contact lenses is very useful in poker cheating gamble, it has many advantage than general contact lenses. Only when the contact lenses meet the eight criteria, it is relatively good contact lenses.
1 optical area: refers to the external light through the lens of the central region and into the pupil, contact lens refractive power by the part.
2 materials: silicone hydrogel, hydrated polymer
3 center thickness: generally low water lens center thickness is relatively thin, high water cut the lens center thickness design more thick.
4 diameter: 13.5mm-14.5mm (this is the most common use contact lens diameter range, some color contact lenses in order to beautiful, may exceed the range of diameter, but should take into account the actual use.)
5 oxygen permeability coefficient: with the lens material, water content and the design of contact lens.
6 color of contact lens: transparent contact lens for freshwater blue, also have colorless or colored contact lenses.
7moisture: moisture content will affect the level of the lens characteristics
8: arc soft mirror base curve should be 0.6-0.8mm larger than the curvature of the anterior corneal surface

These factors are very important standard to the quality of the contact lenses. these standards of contact lenses also solve the problem of customers do not know how to choose contact lenses, if you have other needs, such as you want to try poker analyzer, mahjong table, remote control dice, you can contact us.
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