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Cups induction dice can be controlled by a special camera
2014-06-19 09:32
There are many people like to play dice when several friends get together or have fun in the club.

This cups induction dice gamble have a high random, it will make people feel stimulate. But do you think about if you can see all the dice? Then you can win lot money in the gamble.
There is a camera in the cups and mugs scan the content. Their design incorporates a micro camera that 'sees’ whatever one puts inside (deices coins). The images can be transmitted to maximum 100 meters.
The tables provide 100% success when playing dices. Any roll of the dices results in the desired outcome.
Professional video scanner is able to intercept all wireless transmission (video). They can be used as a personal protection, by scanning an area and detecting the presence of any broadcasting devices.

Our poker scanning camera is special systems that are able to interact differently with every side of the dices, depending on the special solution applied on them.

We have several kinds of dice, more commonly used is induction dice and remote control dice. They are very easy to operate. Both of them all could be custom according to customers require.
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