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Luminous ink marked cards together use with luminous ink con
2014-06-19 11:00
video luminous ink is a magic product, you can mark the cards very smoothly, and it can last for a long time, even it don’t have the same effect as the mark made by machine, but also could use for a very long time.

These are cards that differ from the same old luminous marked cards. The marks on the video luminous cards will not be seen whether you wear the special filtered sunglasses or not.

What you'd like here could be a custom-designed electronics and filters, through that you may scan the marks. However you can't see the marks directly, the tip is that these are displayed on a monitor situated in another space to a partner of yours
There are many kinds of marked cards and many of them mark by luminous ink.
The uncommon play is certainly to look out, as it is enough merely to play back the recorded footage of the marked cards.

Usually these cards do not appear to be for cheating apart from magic tricks. Most typically are used by the poker homes thus research a card game or to detect collusion.    
Luminous ink marked cards could use with luminous ink contact lenses and this is one of the most popular poker. There also have barcode marked cards could together use with poker cheating analyzer.
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