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Poker predictor
2013-05-15 16:59

   A shuffled poker deck put on the table, do you know the suit and point of every card? I think you can not. But if you want to know, what you should do? Yes, let me introduce the poker preditctor for you.
   There are two ways to do poker preditctor. One is cards trick, the other is using cheating device.
   First, to introduce the card trick of bottom deal as a example: Of course you should always have a postilion (the plastic card) at the bottom of the deck when dealing. This makes it very difficult to perform a bottom deal. If you don’t have a postilion then use a joker card as a substitute. Please remember that it takes years of practise to achieve an effective bottom deal, and when you add the postilion to the equation it would require a true expert. So don’t worry too much about it.
   Second is cheating device such as monitor camera, spy camera, mini cmaera, analyzer, contact lens... These are introuduced in other paragraph.
   To know the poker predictor will help you win the game easier than you know nothing!


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