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Poker gambling analyzer is mature gambling device
2014-06-24 15:15
There are not many pokers cheating analyzer use in the casino and private poker game, but also invent poker cheating program online. But even they are very useful in the poker game. They must have some disadvantage, such as someone will attack your program.
Motivations for rigging online poker I’m not sure whether it’s funny or sad that even after my post on why online poker is not rigged, I still get people emailing me trying to convince me otherwise. The funny/sad part is that despite the fact that I’ve all but called on people who make that claim without hand histories or other empirical evidence idiots I continue to receive 1 . 5 emails a week telling me some bad beat story and QED, online poker are rigged.
In fact there still don’t have mature poker cheating program online, but poker analyzer is relatively mature, have been used for many years. So if you are not sure to use the online poker cheating program, you can choose the poker cheating analyzer use in the life.
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