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To cheat at cards
2013-05-15 17:02

     There are a lot of measures to cheat at cards such as using cheating device, tricks and other measuers. I will share you some tricks on hand that I met before:
     It is generally known that much deception is practiced at cards. Since a child I’ve had a keen interest in magic – sleight of hand in particular. You’ve no doubt heard the saying “the hand is quicker than the eye”, yet this is false. The hand is not quicker than the eye, it’s cleverer, and the key to any decent card trick is keeping complete control of the cards. Therefore the methods of cheating that I’ll be discussing in this article are mainly related to card manipulation, also known as ‘mechanics’.
     I won’t be going into great detail about the card manipulation methods because this would be breaking the age old magician’s code. The reason for writing this article is that I believe it’s important to have an understanding of the potential card cheating methods employed in order to reduce the chances of being cheated. Anyone reading this who is thinking of using this information to cheat – don’t even think about it! It’s important to have morals and good ethics, and if this is beyond you then just consider that any rewards would be far outweighed by the huge risks of cheating.
     You can learn the tricks in our company. We have the best teacher to let you know the tricks and let you have experience on it. You will find that is very fun to do the tricks.



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