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Different poker analyzer has different camera lenses
2014-06-24 15:31
There are many kinds of poker cheating analyzer and there have all-in-one poker analyzer, one to one poker analyzer and some other kinds of poker analyzer. By using our marked playing card cheating or spy devices you will definitely go to win in every game. There are many common between poker cheater and magician. In fact, they may use the same marked cards.
Some cheats are particularly gifted, and some train 365 days a year to acquire undetectable techniques with a deck of cards. Different camera lenses use with different poker analyzer and it depends on the scanning distance and distance of the receiver. Professional cheats and magicians have two common points: they work with the same materials (cards, dice, chips, etc.) and they are real sleight-of-hand artists. But they are worlds apart in every possible way.
We supply high quality all-in-one poker analyzer, and there also some classic poker cheating predictor. If you interest in one to one poker cheating analyzer, we also can custom for you.
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