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Benefits of vision correction with contact lenses
2014-06-24 15:54
Being able to see well, for most, is essential to perform the activities of day to day life. Good vision contributes to overall well-being and independence for people of all ages. For those with imperfect but correctable vision, many options can help to improve sight. These options most commonly include glasses, contact lenses, or laser surgery. Deciding which option is best for you depends on your eyes, lifestyle, and budget-and should be discussed with an eye doctor.
Contact lenses correct most vision problems including:
  1. Near-sightedness(myopia): blurred vision far a way
  2. Far-sightedness(hyperopia): blurred vision close up
  3. Astigmatism: blurred vision both far away and close up
  4. Presbyopia: blurred vision close up in aging adults
  5. Contact lenses move with the eye for vision correction that can feel and look natural
Some studies have shown that specially fitted contact lenses may help slow the progression of near-sightedness in children and teens, although they are not currently approved by the US food and Drug administration for this purpose 3-9.
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