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Order of poker hands
2014-07-01 15:52
We know many poker game in the world, so if you want to learn more about them, and you can win much money in the casino. First of all, poker is a 5 cards game. You may play in games that have 7 cards or 9 cards whatever, but you always use only the best five cards to make your best poker hand.
Within each grouping, the rank of all five of your cards will determine the winner. For example, if my opponent and I both have 1 pair, then whoever's pair is higher wins (ie - AA beats KK). If my opponent and I both have a straight, whoever's straight is higher wins. In the event of a tie, let's say a pair of aces or an ace high flush, you always look at all five cards for the tie-breaker. For example, let's say I have an ace high flush and so does my opponent. Well, then we look at the second card. If we both have an ace, king high flush, then we look at the third card, and so on. 
With 13 different cards and 4 suits, for 52 cards total, there is a total of 2,598,960 different possibilities of hands! Ever wonder why you never hit that straight flush? Well there are only 40 different straight flushes which means 40 out of over 2.5 million possibilities, for a grand total of a 0.00154% chance.
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