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Cheating poker card
2013-05-15 17:04
     Poker card is widely used in the gamble game in home or casino. There are a lot kind of poker cards in the world, paper playing cards, plasitc cards, international cards, and local cards. All these cards can be cheated by some measures.
     Edge marked card: It is a kind of cheating poker card for analyzer, we did the barcode on the edge of the cards in order to let the lens look on it. While the lens reading on, the barcode is send to the analyzer, after analysising, the analyzer send the result to the output device to let the player know the rusult so that the player will know where to bet on.
     Back marked card: This is also a kind of cheating poker card for monitor camera lens or contact lens. If the casino owned by yourself, you can fix the camera lens onto the ceiling and the background supportor will konw the result by see the TV screen. By using the speaker, the player will know the result. Marked card for contact lens, the player should wear contact lens on and can see the back marked mark clearly.
     Chip hidded card: We hide a small chip into the card, when the scanner scan over the card, the device will tell you cards' suits and points.
     Of course, there are other cheating poker cards here, you can tell us your require and we will suggest you what to choose.
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